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    Good point Atash; I am also of the opinion that contrarians, Austrian and anyone who questions the status quo will eventually be blamed. After all, doesn't it make sense for the ones in power to blame the powerless (ie: US!!!)

    > > Great find Atash!
    > >
    > > Nice succinct comment, editor. That's what we have come to expect from you.
    > >
    > > This little recession is going to be comparable to the Great Depression. That's the best case scenario where everybody gets the Austrian religion.
    > >
    > > The worst case scenario is where everybody worships FDR & Keynes. In that case, the currency collapses as they try to inflate insolvency (and bad loans) into triviality.
    > Mike, I can help you out here. What will NOT happen is that that everybody gets the Austrian religion, although some current infidels might wake up.
    > Think about human psychology. My money is on that they actually BLAME guys like us for
    > * trash-talking the economy (they'll claim our bad attitude sabotaged the economy--no kidding)
    > * not doing enough to save the economy. Not going far enough. Not enough bailouts, interest rates weren't lowered (or raised, depending upon whether inflation or insolvency gets the biggest exposure!!!) fast enough, etc.
    > As they say, think like a criminal. What better way to introduce draconian new legislation, than in a crisis.

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    on: Thu 10 of Jul, 2008 [19:28 UTC] score: 0.00 reads: 260

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